Shunan Guo

👋 Welcome and thank you for visiting my site! I am currently a research scientist in Adobe Research. My primary research focus is developing interactive visual analytics approaches for analyzing temporal event sequences. I received my Ph.D. degree from East China Normal University, under the supervision of Prof. Hongyuan Zha and Prof. Nan Cao from Tongji University. I received my Bachelor’s degree from the Institute of Computer Science and Software Engineering, East China Normal University.

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Latest News

May, 2021 Our paper "Vinci: An Intelligent Graphic Design System for Generating Advertising Posters" was presented in CHI 2021

Feb, 2021 I joined Adobe Research, San Jose, CA

Nov, 2019 I successfully defended my doctoral thesis "Visual Summarization of Temporal Event Sequences".

July, 2019 I gave a talk on "Visual Analytics for Electronic Health Record" in the Panel "Visualization for Medical Health Data" of China Visualization and Visual Analytics Conference.

July, 2019 Our paper, CarePre: An Intelligent Clinical Decision Assistance System, is accepted by ACM Transactions on Computing for Healthcare. Online demo: